Need to communicate scientific and technical concepts–but don’t have the time?

Need a technical copywriter to create white papers, e-books, blog posts, or contributed articles that convert “engineer-speak” into readable content? Build customer and employee relationships while communicating information vital to your business?

Looking for a freelance science writer who can bring out the newsworthy nuggets and create shareable web content highlighting your organization’s research news?

“The Wideband Packet concept is not easily understood.  I know because I have spent the last three years trying to explain it to funders and potential customers with some very limited success. Holly had the very tough job of learning about it with very little tutoring and explaining it in terms that were technically correct and easy to understand. The…article will always be a good method of introducing potential users to the technology.”

-W.J. Giguere, technical manager, AT&T Bell Laboratories

I have more than 15 years of experience as a trade journal editor, science writer and technical copywriter—receiving rave reviews for my ability to explain difficult engineering and scientific concepts to prospects and readers like yours:

Click here to see how my technical copywriting and science writing expertise can help get your organization the recognition it deserves—and build the market presence you need to build your business.

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