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This 12-page e-book tells the story of Mary L. Spaeth, inventor of the “tunable” laser. Just six years after the first laser was invented in 1960, Mary began researching new types of lasers. She decided to use liquid dye as a lasing medium – and not only did it work, but it was “tunable” which no one had thought possible!

The e-book contains:

  • History of the tunable laser
  • Tunable lasers used for nuclear energy
  • A simple description of how lasers work
  • Group discussion questions
  • Laser Word Scramble puzzle


  • Laser Diagram worksheet with answer key

Compatible with all national educational standards, including NCTM, ITEEA, NGSS, NSES, and Common Core, as well as the Virginia Standards of Learning. Appropriate for Grades 5-12.

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