Science Writing

With over 15 years’ experience as a science writer for universities, research laboratories and consortia, I have written hundreds of articles covering advances in materials science, 3D printing, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, biotechnology, semiconductors, and alternative energy sources.

“[Holly’s] article looks excellent, and I think gives a simple and elegant explanation of what we proposed, and discovered during the course of this work. I will send the link to a few colleagues in the area, and also to those who are not so they can get a bit of a feel what we do.”

-Prof. Andrew Murray, University of Manchester

I specialize in writing articles that translate complex information in a way that speaks to educated lay readers and scientists alike.

My technical background gives me the advantage of being able to communicate easily with researchers in order to get the facts straight—while hinting at the human interest that can bring the story alive.

In addition to interviewing scientists and engineers, I can digest patent applications and peer-reviewed journal articles, weaving together all these sources to create a factually correct, intriguing, smoothly written story.

“I found Holly’s writing to be remarkably accurate and clear, even on the first try and after a very short interview with me. In my opinion, she is an excellent science writer.”

-Technical Manager, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Many of my articles and news releases have been picked up by science news sites such as,, and

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