Web content copywriting

You may have paid dearly out of your marketing budget to build a beautiful business website, but now you need content to fill up that site.

A B-to-B blog positions your company and enhances your brand by not only providing valuable content related to your business, but also establishing company leaders as authorities in your field.

Now the trick becomes keeping those well-written, relevant posts coming on a schedule that, as Goldilocks said, is “just right.”

This may involve a brain-storming session with your company officers, interviewing employees from different parts of your organization or re-purposing (and heavily editing) existing content, such as whitepapers, brochures and product descriptions.

“Holly … showed considerable initiative in contacting customers, developers, systems engineers, and the product manager as well as digesting several inches of associated project documentation in order to develop a working knowledge of the system … .I think this article will make a good handout for customer visits;  I’ve ordered several extra copies.”

-S.B. Andrews, Technical Manager, AT&T Bell Laboratories

With a well-organized and well-populated blog full of relevant, problem-solving content, new visitors will more likely subscribe and add you on social media.

Following this plan leads to a larger prospect list and more opportunities to build relationships with free downloadable reports, email newsletters and autoresponder series, boosting your bottom line.

I have extensive experience researching and interviewing subject matter experts to create clean copy that translates scientific and technical information into attention-grabbing and comprehensible content that will lead to more clicks, more downloads, and more dollars for your business.

Please contact me to request a free consultation to discuss your content copywriting needs.